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Director Mark Arellano on the set of Lovers & Others.

In my 10+ years as a professional filmmaker there’s one question I’ve been asked more than any others, it’s how to shoot decent quick, videos for yourself. These inquiries would often be for someone wanting to launch a Kickstarter campaign video, post a video blog, or even simply to put a new video on their website.The following is a quick summary of what I tell folks.

Lights. Absent conventional production lights, the ideal situation is to video record yourself at the right time of day. No form of illumination’s more visually pleasing than daylight, so I suggest either sitting or standing obliquely towards a window that gets good sun at the right time of day and using that as your key light. Ideally you’d also prop up some inexpensive white poster board or foam core (available at any dollar store) on your other side for a nice Rembrandt-style lighting (see this link for a diagram). Make sure you’re not right up against a wall or that there aren’t any distracting elements behind you. Read more…

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